Open Research Practices

Land-In-Pro generates new knowledge in support of the enhancement and conservation practices and policies concerning industrial heritage that will ease and trigger the sustainable development of local communities.
To promote and maximise the exploitation of research results and ensure wide open access to research results and related data according to the principles of “Open science” and “FAIR Data”, Land-In-Pro will share its research data openly on Zenodo, in the Land-In-Pro Community.


Milestones reports

  • Land-In-Pro Literature Collection




This project has received funding from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) - Mission 4 “Education and Research” - Component 2 “From Research to Business” - Investment 1.2 “Funding projects presented by young researchers” and the European Union's Next Generation EU Recovery Plan - Project no. 100027-2022-FP-PNRR-YR_MSCA_0000005"

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